Castle Clash Mod APK – Private Server with Unlimited Resources

Castle Clash mod

Castle Clash is a strategy game in which you can build your kingdom. Available to Android and iOS users, this game is the perfect opportunity to express your uninhibited creativity. Your mission is ultimately to survive longer. Your secondary but equally important mission is to score a lot of unlimited gems and gold and reach your goals. It is, in a nutshell, the ultimate kingdom builder game right now. But creating your dream kingdom requires a lot of resources, time, and patience — one innovative way to solve this minor issue to install Castle Clash Mod.

Our guide will acquaint you with the features of Castle Clash Mod, how to install it in your iOS and Android devices, and more.

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Castle Clash Private Server

In a nutshell, Castle Clash Mod is a multiplayer strategy game in which you can hire heroes to guard your kingdom and position them on the boundary to prevent invasion by enemies. If you win all the fights, you will be declared the warlord. Your attacks on your enemy should be pre-strategised to enable you to have the upper hand. You have to remain calm and patient while analyzing the enemy’s strategy so that you can counter it. Most gamers undermine the importance of patience in this game. The mod version of the game provides free gems, Shards, gold, and other resources and helps beginners of the game become a pro in no time.

You can download Castle Clash Private Server 2019 by using the link given below. This link has been tested for viruses and is safe for use:

Download Now

Castle Clash Private Server iOS

Every creature in the game has its distinct characteristics. To build a strong army, you should use their strengths to your advantage. While you’re building your kingdom, you can raise as many buildings as you want. Is that the only point, though? Yes, and no. Yes, because you’re contributing to expanding your kingdom. No, because the building should be raised to defend your kingdom and strengthen your rule. You can download Castle Clash Private Server for iOS by using the link given.

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Castle Clash Modded Server

An army made up of archers may help you lead for some time, but as soon as your opposition realizes you only have archers in your army, you’re as good as dead. It is essential to strike a balance between force and magic. By using the mod version of this game, you can practice your strategies and then apply them to the original game. It couldn’t get any better than this.

You can download Castle Clash Mod Server by using the link given below:

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How To Hack Castle Clash?

You can hack Castle Clash using Lucky Patcher. This hack requires you to root your phone and install Lucky Patcher app and root explorer. Here is a step by step guide for Castle Clash Hacked version 2019:

Step 1: Move the patch file (which is in zip format) to your device and reopen it using root explorer.
Step 2: Extract the files inside the zip file.
Step 3: Going forward, move the two files to ROOT/SYSTEM/LIBS.
Step 4: Now, open Lucky Patcher and click on Castle Clash.
Step 5: Open Menu of Patches and select the Custom Patch.
Step 6: Press apply and let it patch. Once it is patched, click on the launch button and have fun playing!


trying to get arctica in Castle clash with mod apk

The modified version of Castle Clash is a godsend. It offers many exciting features to its users. We have shortlisted them below:

  • Free Resources: You can gain unlimited free resources like mana, slime, torches, exp books, honor badges to defend yourself.
  • Unlimited Gems: There’s a free gems glitch that allows you to score unlimited gems.
  • Legendary Heroes Double Evolved: You can take the help of maxed out heroes like Arctica, death knight, golem, Ortega.
  • Unlimited Gold: You can score unlimited gold which you can use to improve your kingdom.
  • Upgraded Troops: You stand to get upgraded troops ranging from Normal, Ranged, Magic and Destructive.
  • Soulstones: Redeem Soulstones to hire heroes from your Heroes Altar.
  • Unlimited Shards: A rare resource in Castle Clash, shards can be used to purchase Heroes. You don’t have to defeat Dungeons to get Shards in this mod.

End Words

Also by using Castle Clash Offline Mod APK, you can practice your strategies and then apply them to the original game. It couldn’t get any better than this.

When you’re looking for a kingdom builder game that is not too serious, Castle Clash Mod might be perfect for you. You start from scratch and build a kingdom from nothing. If you like challenges and want to own your settlement, this is without a trace of doubt a great game. Not only do you get to raise your kingdom, but you also get to steal the other player’s spoils. One can also try Castle Crush mod apk which is a perfect alternative to Castle clash and Clash Royale. These two games will take you from the dungeons to the raids. If Castle Clash doesn’t interest you, do try Castle Crush!!

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