Clash of Kings Mod – Private Server with Unlimited Everything [APK]

Clash of Kings mod

Clash of Kings is one of those multiplayer strategy games that have captured the thoughts and minds of many people since their launch. It is the first choice of those people who intend to build their own castle without paying heed to the strong opponents. The mod version of the game enables the players to build their own kingdom and ensures that there is an unlimited quantity of every resource useful like wood, iron, and food. Not only this, the players can control seven surrounding fantasy kingdoms with the help of various resources. The main resources to win the game are building castles and large armies to fight the opponents and expand your empire. The main focus of the game is the capital of your empire from where you begin building the empire. Different structures like barracks, stables, libraries, and farms are built to fulfill various objectives to proceed in the war.

Downloading the Game

Like all other strategy games, Clash of Kings is also available at Google Play Store for Android users and  App Store for iOS users. The game becomes more powerful and enjoyable if you play it on your PC. But, you will need BlueStacks Android emulator to play the game on PC. If you intend to download the game from private servers, you will have to change the security settings of your device to enable it to accept downloads from unknown resources. Clash of Kings Mod APK is free to download from all this However, you will have to use expensive data plans to download it on a mobile device and play it online. Therefore, most of the people prefer it downloading on PC and playing easily with the help of the mouse. Moreover, playing the game on PC enables you to chat easily with friends and allies. You can install the game by tapping on the downloaded file from the file manager on all the devices.

Download Now

Download for PC
To download the game on PC, you will have to first download BlueStacks and sign in with your Google Id. After that double click on the APK file on PC and wait for it to install. You can then locate the game under “My Apps” section and start playing Clash of Kings mod.

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Clash of Kings is much like Clash of queens but have different features. Third-party developers have also added many resources in the game if you intend to download it from their private servers. Following are some of the prominent features of this game. To ensure a win, the players should understand these features.

1. Safe Resources

The very first feature of the game is the availability of safe resources. These are the resources that can be achieved by consuming various items. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that if you have both the ordinary and safe resources, the safe resources are used after the consumption of ordinary resources. You can use these resources for bringing various upgrades and training your armies. Moreover, these resources are more beneficial than ordinary resources because no other Lord can use these resources.

2. Making Alliances

Like many other strategy war games, Clash of Kings also allows you to make alliances with your friends to increase the potential of your defense system. These alliances can be used to upgrade buildings, teaching and training your armies, research for the latest technologies, and treating the wounded. The shortcut button in the Embassy is used when an alliance wants to help others. Here, it is pertinent to mention that help of every alliance speeds up the building of structures and provides you with unlimited gold to purchase more resources. Different structures that you build are used for different purposes. For example, barracks are used to grow your army, libraries help you discover the latest technologies, and farms provide you with enough food to feed your soldiers.

3. Dragonglass

One of the unique features of this game is that you are given dragon glass which is a new type of equipment to increase your resources. Putting this dragon glass on provides the players with many bonuses. There are five different levels of this dragon glass. A new attribute opens every time when you achieve a new level.

4. Use of Reinforcement

Another peculiar feature of this game which increases your winning chances is the use of reinforcement. It is the tool which your alliances can use to warn you against the enemies attacking your castle. You can call back all your troops that you had sent to help alliances by pressing the return button. In this way, you can well defend your empire.

Compatibility of the Game

Clash of Kings is compatible with the Android devices running Android version 4.0.3 or above. iOS devices running version 9.0 or above are compatible with this game. But, if you intend to play it on your PC; you can download and play it using android emulator device.


After reading the entire article, we jump to the conclusion that the Clash of Kings is one of the best mobile games that nourish your mind and thoughts. There are many players who use Clash of Kings Cheats to play the game but some of its codes cannot be used on various devices. However, Clash of Kings Crack is a good way to provide you with unlimited resources to strengthen your defense system. Once you successfully defend the empire, you are in the position to attack any of the Kingdoms at any time.

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