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Clash of Queens mod

Clash of Queens is one of those war games that take you to the fancy world of medieval ages. The game teaches the players to use the available resources wisely while taking various decisions in their real lives. The main focus of the game is to enable the player to build huge building structures, armies, relationships, and various other resources to subdue their enemies and ultimately rule the kingdom. The game starts simply, but its innovative features make it complicated at later levels. That is where the hack of this game helps. The following stages can be cleared with ease using the hacked version created by the third party developers. In this game, the players have to upgrade their resources to open new traps for the enemies. You can either defend your kingdom alone or ally with fellow queens to fight with the common enemy.

Where to Download?

Clash of queens is a free game that can be played on PC, Android, and iOS devices. The Android users can download the game from Google Play Store while it is also available on the Apple Apps store for iOS users. You can also download the game from the official website of Elex Technology Holdings as it has Clash of Queens private server to control the game and enable the users to enjoy it. The installation of the game from other than allowed app stores requires the change in security settings of the devices to enable downloads from private sources.

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Important Features

Clash of Queens game with logo and queen

Clash of Queens’ hack is full of many innovative features that not only increase the interest of the players but also make it easy to collect essential resources. Following are some of the essential features of the game that every player should know to enjoy it.

1. Raising and Training Dragons

The first and the unique feature of this game is that you can hatch, raise and feed dragons and provide these with the necessary training to defend your kingdom against enemies. One of the best things in this regard is that you can even capture wild dragons and use these to defend against enemies and dragons around you. These dragons can even be used to fight with Knights during hunting campaigns.

2. Use of Alliance System for Making Alliances

While playing the game, you may need the help of other Queens and Knights to win the war. Clash of Queens allows you to ally with other Knights and Queens to increase the potential of its defense system. This proves beneficial if you want to expand your kingdom. Here, one thing worth mentioning is that the alliances can exchange unlimited resources, reinforcements, and even army troops for fighting against the enemies by upgrading their troops instantly using unlimited Speed Ups. For effective interactions with your alliances, you can use translators. This increases the scope of the game for people speaking different languages around the world.

3. Making Kingdom and Increasing Armies

As the main focus of the game is building huge structures and defeating the enemies, it allows you to recruit citizens and bring instant upgrades in your building structures. You can upgrade not only the new structures but also the old fortresses. Upgraded fortress increases your winning chances of the game. You can also raise your armies and induct trained archers, cavalry, infantrymen, and Powerful Mages in some instances. Many players use Clash of Queens Hacks to achieve all this. But, this is against the dignity of the game.

4. New and Online Battle Events

Another charming feature of the game is that new events occur one after the other and keep you on your toes to take part in the battle and win unlimited gold and other prizes. Winning these battles enable you to play dragon roar and clash kingdoms. All this is possible due to online Clash of Queens private server.

How to Play the Game

If you have already played Clash of Kings Mod Apk, then playing the game will be a lot more easier for the beginners. The tutorial within the game can prove beneficial if the beginners go through it before playing. After logging into the game, first of all, click the Embassy help icon to help your alliances to build structures. Collection of daily completed quests may also help you to do necessary activities to complete more quests. Then try to kill a few monsters and train your armies to fight with enemies including dragons surrounding you. You can not only train the old ones but also recruit new citizens and heroes to help you defend your Kingdom. Upgrade as many buildings as you can, especially the fortress because it will help you defeat the enemies. And if you have more time, discussion of various war strategies with your alliances can also prove beneficial. Many players of the game depend on Clash of Queens Cheats, but the codes in these cheats do not work on Android devices. This provokes them to search for Clash of Queens Hack for PC and prefer playing the game on PC.


To wrap up the whole discussion, we can say that Clash of Queens’ hack is one of the most liked modified game of the people around the world because of the innovative features it offers. Playing the game can improve your skills, fills gold collectors, gems and other resources in unlimited quantity.

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