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clash royale mod apk

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game by Supercell that has millions of downloads on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Clash Royale Mod apk is the modified version of the game hosted by private servers. One of the reasons for players’ interest in this modified version of the game is its unlimited features. The beautiful graphics of the game like the one in Clash of Kings and medieval characters like Knights, princess, archers, and other royale figures create an atmosphere of middle ages in the minds of the players while playing the game. The latest version 2019 of Clash Royale Mod apk is the most updated version of the game from private servers for hardcore clashers who want to have ultimate fun and enjoyment. This is because these servers offer free unlimited gems, cards, gold, and chests and much more.

Downloading Clash Royale Mod APK

You can download the original version of the game either from Google Play store or Apple App store but the modified version of the game is not available with these stores. All the Clash Royale private servers are offering a modified version of the game through their websites. If you are a hardcore clasher, you can download the latest version 2019 from these private servers. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot proceed with the download unless you enable your device to download apps from unknown sources. This can be done by checking the install from unknown sources tab from the security settings of your device.

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Features of the Game

The modified version of the game Clash Royale offers more features than the original version. This is because each of the private Clash Royale Mod apk hosting servers has added certain features in the game. These servers contain Clash Royale hacks for gems to bring their gaming experience to an unimaginable level. Following are some of the top features of Clash Royale private server:

1. Unlimited Resources

Most of the players prefer playing game hosted on a private server because of the availability of unlimited resources. These resources include gems, gold, and many more. Players can use these resources either to unlock Clash Royale Mod apk unlimited troops or can spend these gems for upgrading troops and buying more gold.

2. Unlocked Chests

The next feature of the Clash Royale Mod apk is that it offers unlocked chests containing various resources absolutely free of cost. Here, it is important to mention that the players have to wait for a long time to unlock the chests in the original version of the game.

3. Make Alliances

Another feature of the modified version of the game hosted on private servers is that it allows the players to make clan alliances. It even allows the players to create their own clans like the original version of the game. The players can send and receive cards to the alliances thereby making the game more attractive.

4. Creation of New Cards

Unlike the original version of the game, Clash Royale Mod apk enables the players to create new cards. The most interesting this about these cards is that these are all unlocked and can be used to build up the decks. All these cards have their own features to help the player in defending his empire.

5. Unlocked Emote and Battle Decks

Many hardcore clashers prefer playing the mod version of the game hosted on private servers because the Emotes and battle decks are unlocked and provide you with various resources to defeat the enemy and win more trophies.

6. Playing Options

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of mod apk is that it offers various playing options. You can select 1vs 1 or 2 vs 2. You can also play the game as 2 vs1 if one of your players is auto-matched.

7. Top Royales

Last but not least the modified version of the game hosted by private servers enables you to be a top royale by collecting more trophies globally. The availability of the modified version of the game has made the competition tough because all the players prefer playing Clash Royale Mod apk offered by private servers.

Different Types of Clash Royale Private Server

The latest version of the Clash Royale Mod apk is available on the official websites of different private servers. The top three private servers hosting this game are Royale Lights, Null’s Royale, and Master Royale. Null’s Royale is the best among all these private servers because it offers an array of features. One of the best features of this private server is regular updates that add more feature to the game.

After reading the entire article, we can suggest that Clash Royale Mod apk is the featured version of the game in which the developers have added a lot of features that increase your chances of becoming top royale. Moreover, these private servers are regularly updating the game and adding charming features from time to time.



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